17-year-old L.J Gray was not fazed by flames when he dashed into his burning house to save his 7-month-old cousin in just shorts and basketball sneakers.

In Kinston, NC while the family was in the backyard of the grandmother’s house the 7-month-old slept inside when the fire started. After the grandmother noticed smoke L.J ran into action through the back door to save his cousin. After turning around to exit where he came from, he realized he couldn’t due to the flames. Thinking quick, he ran through the front door to safety.

LJ describes the scene:

“My daddy called the Fire Department, and I got the baby, ran in front, got the baby, and by the time I got the baby, the back, it was like fire, so I just ran through the front.”

17-year-old L.J is a perfect example of what I would call a hero in the community. While I’m sorry to hear of the material loss in the fire, I’m happy a life was saved.

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Source: The Root

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