North Korea does not fear military action from the USA, and in fact, has returned Trump’s bravado with their own.

The BBC had a conversation with Han Song-Ryol, the Vice Foreign Minister of North Korea. The Vice Minister is quoted saying “all-out war” in response to Trump’s administration’s actions. If the USA attempts to interfere in North Korea’s nuclear dealings with military force North Korea is ready and will respond with a military force of their own.

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North Korea has been waiting for this war with the USA for a very long time, and now with Trump as our commander in chief North Korea may actually get what they want. Two countries lead by two egotistical narcist doesn’t exactly add up to a good diplomatic outcome if they clash.

The Trump administration has been throwing around its military weight as of late, and it is a very polarizing topic. Trump turned the tide when his administration went from tough to talk to actual action, this action being the bombing of the Syria airbase near Homs.

Though the official word from Trump’s camp is that the strikes were to send a message to Syria, for the inhumane chemical attacks on their own people. Political experts believe that it was merely a power play. The Trump administration simply wanted to send out a message, and that message is ‘we mean business.’

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