On Sunday North Korea attempted to launch missiles, yet the hit failed according to US and South Korean government military officials say.

The launch happened a day after the reign of Kim Jon Un was displaying a multitude of new missiles as a tactic to create attention on one of the most sought after holidays.  South Korean militant figures went into action over the situation in Sinpo (port district in North Korea). Sinpo was also the site of the previous ballistic missile test earlier in the month which ended up projecting itself into the East Sea.

North Koreans use the Sinpo marina for their submarine occupy, however since then the US has put a higher observation and security radar onto the monitored area since April at the time of the recent test. As of now, South Korean and US intelligence are trying to figure out what kind of missiles were used that Sunday, yet according to a White House foreign policy diplomat, it might be a mid-level explosive.

Vice President Mike Pence along with President Donald Trump’s presence was in South Korea for a briefing scheduled trip at the time of the incident for the launch according to officials.

“The President and his military team are aware of North Korea’s most recent unsuccessful missile launch. The President has no further comment,” US Defense Secretary James Mattis said in a comment to CNN.


Pence retorted in a recent statement about it being a “challenging time” for the world, and addressing US militant members with their families at a “fellowship meal” and “Our commitment to this historic alliance with the courageous people of South Korea has never been stronger, and with your help and with God’s help, freedom will ever prevail on this peninsula,” he said in Seoul, S. Korea.

South Koreans came out with the statement: “A powerful punishing measure that North Korean authority can’t endure.” If an ICBM or nuclear test from Sunday’s missile launch would occur.

At 5:21 p.m EST the US Pacific Command said it pursued a missile launch at the observed time that was very close to exploding suddenly after its dismount at the same point of April 5th launch; according to a White House foreign policy adviser indicated.

It is believed that the missiles had no real capabilities to release itself into intercontinental zones since the missiles had blown up so fast the data on the subject at hand is scarce. Senior defense analyst Bruce Bennett from RAND Corporation thinks tank spoke out that he believes also that the missiles were not intercontinental types that can successfully get to the United States.

     “The North doesn’t seem to be quite at the place to test an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile),” Bennett responded.

     CNN’s  source, Ripley Pyongyang from North Korea (UN Ambassador) has not reported any immediate confirmation of the N. Korea national news on the launch since. In recent reports, President Trump has claimed that if China does not rein in on North Korea’s nuclear program, then the United States will interfere at that point. Which resulted into the groups listing in ships that could shoot down missiles North Korea has been testing. Bennett responded with another statement backing President Trump’s statement:


     “I think the (Trump) administration anticipated that a ballistic missile launch would occur, and I have to wonder whether they were prepared to use the ships that are with that carrier group to shoot down that missile” as long as the ships were sighted into the correct areas Bennett stated.


North Korea according to analyst was anticipated to conduct such a nuclear missile test that was set up around the long-awaited meeting visits of officials. On Saturday North Korea celebrated its founder’s [Kim II Sung] birthday (which is Kim Jong Un’s grandfather). The current nuclear test status is underground and unchanged – which could be launched at any given time, told to CNN by Senior US defense official.

Source: CNN News

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