Just a year ago, social media and news outlets alike were concerned over the sudden death of 16-year-old Amy Joyner at Howard High School of Technology in Wilmington, DE. Cellphone footage captured Joyner in an altercation with three other girls who attacked her in the school bathroom. According to Joyner’s autopsy report, the teen went into cardiac arrest triggered by a heart condition that was not detected by her doctors.

John Dickers, the attorney to one of the girls convicted in the case said in a statement reported by CNN KYW affiliate, “A great deal of confusion as to how this would happen,”

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Attorneys came to the conclusion that the death was unpredictable and Joyner was participating in the situation as much as the defendants. Attorney general Sean Lugg and Prosecutors requested to try the teenage girls as adults, yet the judge ruled against the motion since the defendants were only 16 at the time of the incident.

“Distress, the unexpected nature of the attack, the brute ferocity of it raining upon her, all led to Amy’s death. A level of barbarism that reasonably would result in the outcome.” retorted by attorney general Sean Lugg during his closing statement in context towards the defendants.

From the previous ruling, the teenage girls were held accountable as juveniles in a homicide case setting; this past Thursday with a week of testimony in a non-jury trial the three girls did not testify. The first girl (all unidentified because they are minors) was charged with homicide, and the other two acquitted of conspiracy charges. If charged as an adult, the first girl could’ve faced up to several years in prison. However, she is going to be supervised until the age 19 since declared delinquent.

Source: NY Daily News

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