The woman that 50 Cent punched in the chest is filing a lawsuit. Last week while performing on stage, 50 was aggressively pulled by a woman while interacting with the crowd and reacted by cocking back and swinging. Shortly after, he brought her on stage and the woman decided to twerk the pain away.

Clearly, she has had change of heart because she is now calling her lawyer to file a lawsuit against 50 Cent and The LOX.

Click here to see the video of 50 Cent punching woman in the crowd.

People are questioning the woman actions after seeming to be in good enough spirits to twerk.

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About The Author Savon Slater

Savon Slater is a multimedia journalist based in New York. He has published work for and True Urban Culture magazine. He also is the host of the ‘Need to Know’ podcast on iTunes.

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