As reported earlier this week on, there was an ongoing manhunt for Steve Stephens. Stephens uploaded a video on Facebook Easter Sunday in which he murders Robert Godwin Sr. in cold blood.  After he murdered Godwin he continued to stream videos of him explaining why he killed an innocent man and claimed to have murdered at least 12 more people. The manhunt finally came to an end after a brief pursuit and Stephens killing himself in his car.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time someone has used Facebook to show questionable activity. Earlier this year in Chicago dozens watched a suspected gang rape on Facebook Live and no one reported it. Another incident on New Year’s Eve saw a mentally challenged 18 year old beaten and tortured on while it was recorded on Facebook live.   In the Dominican Republic there was an incident in which a were killed during a Facebook live stream.

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One of the questions you have to ask is why are these videos allowed to be posted?  In the case of Steve Stephens, he uploaded the video and it was on Facebook for 2 hours before it was taken down. Why are there not safeguards in place to prevent such content from uploading? At a conference, Facebook CEO Facebook Mark Zuckerberg addressed the tragedy by saying Facebook has “a lot of work to do” and “we will keep doing all we can to prevent tragedies like this.”


As tragic as this situation was could it have been avoided? In the several videos that Stephens posted there was a common theme. He seemed like a person crying out for help. Tragedy almost always brings clarity. What we can learn from this heartless act of violence is mental health is a very serious issue. Maybe if Steve Stephens would have gotten the help he needed this could have been prevented and Robert Godwin Sr. could have enjoyed his Easter with his family. Unfortunately, because of his actions, the Godwin family has to plan a funeral.

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