“Formation” being one of the most critically acclaimed songs in 2016 from Beyonce’s Lemonade, has her legal team in a tight bundle. The superstar’s video has been accused of theft by the family members of late New Orleans-based You-Tube sensation Anthony Barré, better known as “Messy Mya” listing as a $20 Million lawsuit.

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Barré was 22 years old when he was shot and killed on 7th ward in New Orleans back in 2010. He had a very notable catchphrase “I like that,” which is the main point of the situation.

Barré’s sister – according to Hollywood Reporter,  insist that her brother gets his credit for the single since Beyonce used his voice in “Formation” and also asks for royalties and damages. To dismiss this motion Beyonce’s team claims that the clips were considered as “fair use” over the fact that it was less than 10 seconds. Lawyers also feel that Barré’s family “grossly overstated” how much the clips were being utilized.

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Beyonce’s team states in their comment release that not only is Barré’s voice protected by the 1st amendment for artistic relevance, yet:

“In reality, the snippets from the YouTube Videos were used only in the Music Video and, to a lesser extent, during the Live Performances. “As a result, all defendants without an alleged involvement in the Music Video or Live Performances should be dismissed regardless of the merits of Plaintiffs’ claims.”

Sampling and copyright issues in music and entertainment are rising amongst artists alike more so in hip-hop than anywhere else. The artist’s point of interest pieces must adhere to standards being limited and “transformative”, however, most of the artists protect themselves under “fair use” protections.

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Source: Huffington Post

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