The Chicago native Open Mike Eagle is getting a new show on Comedy Central. “The New Negroes” is a television series created by Mike Eagle and his co-creator Baron Vaughn, which is based on their comedy showcase with the same name.

The television show is set to highlight comedians and musical elements creating the perfect ambiance within the two. “The New Negroes” highlights socially aware comedians that bring social issues to the forefront, hence the title.

Comedy Central president Kent Alterman told Deadline,

“[The show] taps into something that is so real and vital, it’s tapping into black comedy while presenting multiple points of view and different angles on material and performances that is reflective of the world we are living in,”

Comedy Central doesn’t plan on changing the name of the current show in hopes that the title will stir attention for newcomers. Kent Alterman wants both show creators to continue producing their vision without altering the overall goal of the show.

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