Last week, the first ever Black Muslim female New York Court of Appeals judge, Shelia Abdus-Salaam mysteriously passed away. Her body was discovered by the riverside in Harlem, and at first was ruled a suicide. As the investigation is ongoing, the New York Police department said that Abdus-Salaam’s death is suspicious. There was not criminal activity or apparent suicide tendencies seen within the situational motive, the case has to be treated with an immediate indication at hand of any clues.

The department said the death appeared to be non-criminal, but “at this point, we can’t say for sure,” claimed in an NYPD statement.

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Late Tuesday night NYPD Sgt. Brendan Ryan told ABC News:

“We have a middle aged woman deceased in the water with all her clothes on with no signs of homicide or suicide,” then he added “When a body is found floating in a river, it is deemed suspicious in nature. Absent any clear signs of criminality, the cause of death is determined by the Medical Examiner.”

Police said from the missing person report when Abdus-Salaam was found in an area near Harlem last Wednesday:

Currently, the NYPD is seeking the community’s help for leads and other information as to the case in the time leading up to her disappearance with hopes that it will shed light on the situation. According to the Associated Press, a spokeswoman for the New York’s medical examiner stated the last week that an autopsy was done Thursday did not give too much result to motive. However, two officials – who spoke wanted to be left unidentified but told AP that the death is believed to be a suicide.

Source: ABC News

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