Trump-supporting Americans find themselves continually being let down by their president since he was inducted into the highest office in the country.

A recent Gallup poll shows that the majority of Americans no longer believe Donald Trump keeps his promises. Just in February, 62% of Americans thought that Trump would keep his word but now just two months later only 45% of them still believe that. Trump is also having difficulties proving that he can work well with Congress. In the beginning of the year, 60% of Americans had confidence in him to do this but that number has now dropped to 46%.

Despite not having any experience in law or public policy, 66% of people questions in a CNN post-election poll thought that Trump could improve the job market, health care reform and foreign policy. Although Trump is losing the trust of his supporters in some areas, there are others that remain almost unchanged. For example, with just 3% decreases from 46% of votes in February, many Americans still believe Trump is capable of effectively managing the government and cares about the people like you.

Also, two other stats about Trump’s likability has remained virtually unchanged since February:

  • He held a 42% approval rating in February and this month his approval rating isn’t far behind at 40%
  • Trump was also rated favorably in February at 46%, while in April he sits at 45%

One thing remains true, regardless of which demographic someone falls into; People believe less today than ever before that Trump will follow through and create the change he promised. In February, 65 of women thought Trump would deliver but now just 40% believe that in April while 51% of the 59% of men who trusted him still do. But while Democratic belief in the new president fell 21%, Republican trust dropped 11%.

It seems although there are still plenty of people still in favor of Trump, Americans from all demographics have decreased levels of trust in his ability to stick to his word and create a healthy working relationship with Congress.

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Source: CNN

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