After close to three years of contaminated water, local and state officials in Flint Michigan have yet to rectify the Flint water crisis.

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Now the issue is being brought the attention of the public, once again. The issue of the contaminated water began when the city and state officials decided to no longer source Flint’s water from Detroit and began sourcing from the Flint River. Now the city’s mayor says changing the water source at this point would be simply too risky.

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On Tuesday (April 18), Flint Mayor Karen Weaver said, “This protects residents from any potential fears or anxieties that would come from another change in our water source, especially at a time when the water has improved and is now meeting federal and state action level standards. Ensuring the public’s health and safety is our No. 1 top priority.”

NBC Reported:

Last year, Weaver said the city of 100,000 residents would stick with a plan to eventually draw from the new Karegnondi Water Authority pipeline that has been constructed and is being tested. But she re-evaluated that decision as a condition of Flint soon receiving $100 million in federal funding to address the disaster.

Nine options were explored, and Weaver said staying with the Great Lakes Water Authority under a new 30-year contract and using the local county as a backup would be the cheapest, costing $269 million over 20 years. Flint estimates it would save $58 million by not upgrading its own troubled water plant, more when it is closed operationally. The savings could be used to instead update other infrastructure in the aging and deteriorating system, including replacing lead service lines.

The final decision is up to the City Council and should be made within the next 30 days.

We are hoping for the best for the people of Flint.

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