Black television continues to make us proud! Comedienne and actress Franchesca Ramsey is returning to Comedy central as a girl boss! On Tuesday, April 18, Comedy Central announced that Ramsey will be executive producing and hosting a brand new comedy pilot. The title of the show has yet to be determined.

The famed former You-Tube star is now the host of MTV’s Decoded. There she is a lively, straight-forward, and obviously hilarious host focusing on politics, race, and pop culture.

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In an interview with NBC News, she discusses her path of growing into fame from her humble start as a YouTube. “For me I feel like this is a natural progression and it’s what I’ve always wanted to do. It’s just so cool that I’ve been able to start on YouTube doing my hair in my bathroom and in my living room making parodies, to MTV, to Comedy Central and now the chance to do my own show.” When asked what we could expect in terms of content, she replied, “For us it’s really important to talk about people and identity. There’s such an incredible opportunity to shed light on different types of people and different issues that affect people from various walks of life.” She also speaks on her being considered an activist, “For a Black activist, for an activist of all walks of life, the internet has become this kind of meeting place where we can exchange ideas, where we can learn from each other, where we can get inspired about new ways that we can make changes within our own communities and own homes.”

Read the entire interview here!

Congratulations Franchesca! We know you won’t disappoint!

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