New York State Senator Jesse Hamilton stops by Ebro In The Morning once again, this time to expound on newly passed legislation Raise the Age, joining the Independent Democratic Conference, and so much more.

When asked if he supports “Raise the Age,” Hamilton’s response was, “It’s a great bill, for the first time we have 16 and 17-year-olds not being housed in adult prisons.”

Another New York Senator, Velmanette Montgomery had another version of the bill, which Ebro referred to as “more progressive because it would have gotten everyone under 18 immediately out of adult prisons quicker than the current bill.”

Hamilton replied that the main difference between the bill is “going through family court or going through criminal court, now we have a youth part.” Proponents of the bill believe having a section of the court system designed specifically for juvenile cases allows children to transition out of the court system and into adulthood more effectively, creating more productive members of society.

As of now, the city has a year and a half to take all juveniles out of Riker’s Island as the facility becomes “retrofitted.”


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