The fight for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District ended in a result that was too close to call. This prompts a runoff on June 20th between Democrat Jon Ossoff, and Republican Karen Handel.

The democrats almost let the race slip away, but Jon Ossoff was able to rally his supporters and pull 48 percent of the vote, and if he would have hit 50 percent he’d be the winner. unfortunately, this didn’t happen.  Of course, Trump took no time rushing to twitter to gloat.

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This fight is very crucial if Trump inserting his commentary isn’t evident of that. In this very partisan era we are in under Trump’s administration, every congressional seat counts. Georgia’s 6th district is historical a republican congressional district and Jon Ossoff is looking like the man that can change that, giving democrats a much-needed win in the congressional arena.

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It’s no surprise that Trump is doing what he does best, spew nonsense in an attempt to shift views. Calling the runoff “Hollywood vs. Georgia” is just another one of his conman tricks, but it doesn’t look like its going work this time around. Jon Ossoff has a real following behind, and his supporters believe in him and what he stands for. The Republican Karen Handel even knows to keep her distance from Trump and focus on the dogfight for the congressional seat.

June is going to be a very challenging month for both candidates, but now even tougher for the Democrats. The Republicans now know that Jon Ossoff is a very real threat, and will now unite in an effort to thrust Karen Handel forward. The Democrat Jon Ossoff and the rest of the party have to keep the momentum up and keep pushing forward to secure this seat in a time where both Democrats and Republicans won’t cross party lines every race counts.

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