Colin Kaepernick has been under the microscope of the NFL since early last year during the (2016-17) season. The former star quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers made waves with his vocal calls to action and protests in conjunction with the Black Lives Matter movement. For some, his decisions not to participate (take a knee) during the National Anthem & refrain from voting in 2016’s Presidential Election are contrary actions leaving them unable to clearly understand his motives.

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Despite, outsiders not agreeing with his political stances, Kaepernick and The Colin Kaepernick Foundation have made pledges to push the culture forward with charitable donations. Late last year the quarterback made a public promise to raise $1M toward organizations working in oppressed communities. Kaepernick vowed to donate $100,000.00 a month for 10 months to hit the million dollar goal.

USA Today’s NFL writer; Tom Pelissero confirmed $100K donations to the following organizations; Life After Hate, Inc., Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, Silence is Violence.

As a free agent, Kaepernick is still on pace to make this goal a reality. In the face of his critics, he seems to be following through and joining the likes of Chance The Rapper and other public figures who are giving back to their communities.


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Source: BleacherReport

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