After Aaron Hernandez’s sudden death on April 19, there were rumors that there was a secret reason behind why he decided to take his life. It was said that under Massachusetts law if you die during an appeal of a conviction automatically the original conviction becomes null and void, so that would mean Hernandez never violated his Patriot’s contract and his estate would receive the remainder of his contract.

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This posed an interesting question and gave the possibility for a little heartwarming ending for this tragic case, if true. It turns out that would not be the case though.


Due to a grievance settlement reached earlier in 2014 between Hernandez and the Patriots, they will not have to pay him any more money than they’ve already had. Hernandez lost that grievance and despite the lack of conviction, it will prevent him from seeing any more money.

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However, Hernandez was still due for pension due to being in the league for 3 years as a part of the NFL’s CBA for players in the league before 2012. So whoever he named his beneficiary, likely his wife, and daughter, will receive it.

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Source: Boston Globe


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