The man who shot and killed former New Orleans Saints player Will Smith in a 2016 incident has been sentenced 25 years without possibility of parole. Cardell Hayes was facing the possibility of a maximum of 60 years, 40 for manslaughter on Will Smith and 20 for attempted manslaughter of Smith’s wife, Racquel Smith. He will be concurrently serving 15 years for the attempted manslaughter.

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While this case was finally put to rest with this sentence, Racquel Smith was not pleased with the sentence given to Hayes. She said:

My family and I are extremely disappointed with today’s sentencing and the leniency showed by Judge Buras for the defendant. While we know nothing will ever bring Will back, we were hopeful that Judge Buras would have issued a stronger sentence to more justly reflect both the nature of the crimes and the tremendous loss and pain that my family has suffered as a result of Mr. Hayes’ violent actions on the night of April 9, 2016.

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On top of dealing with this Racquel Smith now has to deal with the Cardell Hayes seeking a civil suit against her.

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Source: CNN



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