President Donald Trump’s BFF Vladimir Putin is wilding for respect and tipping the line of starting world trouble. Russian planes have been spotted around the coast of Alaska near US airspace four times in four days.

CNN reports, “Russian military aircraft were spotted flying off the coast of Alaska for the fourth time in as many days.” While the Russian aircrafts never entered U.S. airspace, it’s unclear whether Trump had any involvement in it.

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Two IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft were seen on Wednesday and on Thursday, also two Tu-95 nuclear-capable Bear bombers were also seen flying through Alaskan Air Defense Identification Zone 700 nautical miles southwest of Anchorage.

The flights didn’t pose a real military threat, but it could be seen as a sign of force. There is “no other way to interpret this other than as strategic messaging,” an official told CNN. A US defense official claims this was “nothing out of the ordinary.”

90 days into Trump’s presidency and things are getting spooky.

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Source: CNN.

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