Old school legend, Kangol Kid swings through and enlightens us on early eighties Hip-Hop production and how his cadence is still being used in rap today.

The Kangol Kid was Hip-Hop’s first officially sponsored artist, by you guessed it, Kangol. The endorsement he says started out as “just a fluke” because he wore the hats all the time. Now that hat can be found in the Smithsonian Museum.

His new show “We Are The Joneses” premieres this Saturday on Centric. It’s a docuseries/reality show starring Kathleen Jones the Emmy Award-winning journalist and Michael Jones, celebrity plastic surgeon. Together they have a surgical practice and they’re doing a lot of “uplifting” through their procedures. Kid Kangol is not only a producer on the show but is featured on the first episode as well, with his wife getting breast implants.

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