The intelligent and talented Rosario Dawson stops by and drops jewels on everything from relationships and mental health to our current political climate, neatly tying it all into her new movie “Unforgettable” in theaters today April 21, 2017.

Dawson plays Julia Banks a woman with a traumatic past who’s finally able to put it behind her when she becomes engaged to the man of her dreams. The plot thickens when she meets her fiancé’s ex-wife, Tessa Connover played by Katherine Heigl, who turns out to be slightly stalkerish and just a smidge psychotic.

Mental health seems to be a reoccurring theme not only in the film but in this interview. Dawson, when asked to describe the two opposing character’s dynamic, says “my character having gone through so much different trauma in her life, there’s a part of her that can really understand where this woman’s at emotionally, mentally, spiritually; how broken – and how devastated she is. But that mental space needs to be addressed you don’t suppress it, you don’t ignore it, you deal with it… and I think that’s a really important message in this film.”


To hear about the wide variety of topics Rosario Dawson goes on to discuss, watch the video below.

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