You don’t want Zero problems, Big Fella!

Chance the Rapper isn’t taking any chances this time around for his upcoming Spring Tour. Chance and his touring company, CTR Touring Inc., filed a lawsuit on April 19th in a district Illinois court for “injunctive and monetary relief” to fight against ANYONE who is looking to sell and distribute fake merchandise.

Chance is well known to limit any possibilities of other people re-selling his concert tickets and now selling fake merchandise. Let’s not forget Chance is still an independent artist, which means all the money he makes from touring and merch goes straight back into his art.

The lawsuit isn’t involving anyone, but it is being used as a precaution to warn anyone looking to sell fake merchandise. Chance also took the time last month to clear up any rumors of him selling his album to apple music, simply claiming it was just a “two week exclusivity deal” only because he “needed the money”.

Needless to say Chance isn’t taking any chances by losing out on money he needs for his art. If you’re planning on selling fake merch just know you were warned!

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