Social Justice Activist, DeRay McKesson, is gearing up to launch his very own podcast. As of now, the podcast is going to be named “A Word With DeRay” with the overall agenda of educating listeners on social advocacy.

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The show will be under the Crooked Media banner, which is a new political network formed by former Obama aides, Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor. The liberal political network is working to gain a bigger following and hoping to have a big effect on midterm elections in 2018. Adding McKesson to their roster was a no-brainer according to Favreau who told BuzzFeed News that Mckesson is who he immediately thought of when they started throwing the idea of an activist podcast around.

“And I think that with DeRay, he’s someone who obviously knows how to organize and been involved with the movement, but he’s also brilliant and down to earth when you to him which also fits in with our brand and what we’re trying to do”

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According to McKesson, this podcast is essential because from his experience out in the field he can see that people want to help but they don’t exactly know how. With the addition of the podcast, McKesson aims to give people the guidance they need and educate them on ways they can be effective in social advocacy, and he aims to do it in a down to earth way that we all can understand. He understands the value the podcast platform can bring especially if used the right way, McKesson told BuzzFeed News

“I’m trying to figure out how we give people language that they can repeat…I think a lot of media, not just podcasts, are doing a lot of the ‘let me explain the world to you’ but not in a way listeners can actually keep explaining the world to people.”

There is currently no date of launch for DeRay McKesson’s new podcast, but when it is announced we will be sure to let you know.

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Source: BuzzFeed News

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