While Trump has already claimed his first 100 days in office “means nothing because he’s achieved nothing,” his approval ratings have proven to show the opposite. His approval rating currently stands at 42 percent. For comparison’s sake, Barack Obama’s approval rating at this time in his first term was 69 percent. No other president has been as low as President Trump’s since the days of World War II.

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His low approval ratings most likely stem from the things he did and didn’t do. His claim that the United states would have to pay for his supposed “border wall”, along with not repealing Obamacare and not releasing his tax returns all have added to that low approval rating. His decision to massively cut federal spending in different departments has also only lead to 37 percent support.

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Amazingly enough, 96 percent of Trump voters have said they would vote for him again if they had to. And over half of his supporters support his stance on local employers staying local, and his foreign policy in Syria and North Korean aggression.

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Source: Independent

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