The Black community has been a huge part of contributing to the American economy since slavery, however, the black male hair care industry by itself is worth at least $684 million in revenue according to reports. The biggest issue with the above statement is that the money does not circulate itself back into the black community, within a year the market is projected to do skyrocketing numbers to $761 million. HausCall, a solution designed by three Howard University alumnae that want to create a change in the diaspora with their first on call grooming service for men of color.

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The proposition came about in 2010 when the graduates of that class took interest towards their alumni’s looks during their yearly homecoming festivities.

“It’s homecoming at Howard. Every guy we know is trying to feel and look like Diddy. If you’re running or coming into town really late, and you had to go to #1000Bottles or whatever party is happening on Friday night, but you didn’t have enough time [to spare], you could use HausCall and a barber would come wherever you are to cut your hair and make sure you looked great.” Vibe on conference call with Chief Marketing Officer Morgan K. Winbush tells them.

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