Jay Z is extending his business relationship with Live Nation as Roc Nation forms a new long-term deal with the touring giant.

Rumors had previously created speculation over whether or not Hov would be bringing the partnership to a new home over at Universal Music Group. After those talks fizzled out, it’s now clear where Jay will be cultivating his label’s conquests of live show tours.

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Live Nation and Roc Nation have made very successful business moves in the past. After a 150-million-dollar deal joining the two companies in 2008, Jay Z had a record setting tour with his wife Beyoncé, where the duo made nearly $5million a night and grossed over $100million.

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Now it seems this new deal comes at a time where fans are hoping to receive a solo project return from Hov. This would also create an opportunity for a large tour to be announced that would see him hit the road again. However, this also opens the doors for the latest Roc Nation signees to have a strong live show to support their new projects.

Roc Nation has recently added artists such as Belly, Fabolous, Fat Joe, and the label is still home to massive Hip Hop stars such as Big Sean and J. Cole. This creates interesting opportunities for these artists at Roc Nation and will surely result in some exciting tours to look out for.

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Source: Billboard

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