John Witherspoon said Ice Cube is in talks about getting the new Friday movie made. In an announcement made over at Power 95.3 in which Witherspoon, who plays Ice Cube’s father in the “Friday” series, said that Cube is “getting things together” in order to get the “new” Warner Bros’ people to start production on the next addition to the “Friday” series.

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“Friday” is a classic film that is much beloved throughout hip-hop culture. While the first movie starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker was followed by two sequels that aren’t quite as adored by fans as the original is, the fans still want to see another take on the “Friday” universe.

While this news doesn’t necessarily mean we will see a new Friday in the coming year or two, it is good news to know that Ice Cube and other cast members are preparing its return. We’ll keep you posted as details about “Friday’s” next installment develop.

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