Giselle Burgess is a single mother who lost her home in August 2016, decided to collaborate with the Department of Homeless Services to create a Girl Scout troop that is exclusively designed for young girls in that predicament in February. The organization alert pulled in about 20 girls and their families to be closer together in their rough times. These families and the little ladies live in the surroundings of 100 other families in a Sleep Inn motel in Queens.

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“It kind of feels like you’re not alone, It shows you that you’re not the only one who has the same problem,” said one girl named Sinai.

“Our mission is to instill girls with courage, confidence, and character,” Burgess responded in a “Today” special report by NBC’s Morgan Radford.

“We’re all Girl Scout sisters,” a scout named Karina said. “We’re all a pack. And if you see a girl with 6,000 on, it just makes you like, we’ve gone through the same thing or you’re still going through it.”

“We all act like we’re real sisters,” Sinai replied again.

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To help the girls with dues, membership fees, and other starter kits, are accepting donations to help fund the program as The Girl Scouts of Greater New York pay for a large sum of the group.

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Source: TODAY

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