Prince will forever be legendary for his great music and extreme talent. Prince was the ultimate entertainer and played, as he once said, “a thousand” instruments. But according to Nielsen Music, he continues his legacy for all new reasons. Since his sudden death In April of last year, Prince has sold more albums than any other artist in 2016.

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Prince has sold 7.7 million copies, including albums and songs since his passing last year. Of that number, 2.3 million were traditional albums and song sales. The remaining 5.4 million were, of course, digital downloads.

Back in 2015, Prince only sold 280,000 records a major gap between his 2.3 million following his death. Most of the records were sold within the first month of the news of his passing.

This sudden peak in sales could be due to the release of his latest album, but whatever the case, it is beautiful to see his music appropriately appreciate and his legacy living on.

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