Sofi Tucker of Bonthe, Sierra Leone is the Grandmother of Nyema Tubman and Richelieu Dennis (and his mother Mary) who took their grandmother’s legacy if selling shea butter and shea nuts and began Shea Moisture in 1991. It’s no secret that Shea Moisture can typically be found in the “ethnic” beauty supply section. That’s because the products primary consumers are black customers. When an ad was released that didn’t seem to cater to its core demographic it left many confused.

Apparently, higher-ups at the company thought featuring white models would be a good idea to connect with their audience but seem unaware of who their product is mainly being purchased by. And if not unaware Shea Moisture decided to completely disregard black women, which is worse. Much like the controversial Pepsi commercial from a few weeks ago, it is clear that people who are responsible for advertising are not invested in the culture and are unaware of how their ad’s affect society.

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Since the overwhelming backlash, Shea Moisture has released a new ad

Shea Moisture is a beauty product after all and should be used by anyone who enjoys the product. But above all, it is about serving to the core customer and making sure everyone feels included especially their main supporters.

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