Michelle Obama is to be admired not only for her political accomplishments, her grace, and elegance but also her beauty. And when upcoming artist,  Galile Mesfin, decided to paint Michelle Obama as an Egyptian Queen she did it in an honorable fashion. She gained some social media attention going by the name  thick_east_african_girl on Instagram, but would soon gain even more after discovering her portrait had been copied.

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Typically in art, the greatest form of flattery is having your work recycled by another artist. But in this case, it is speculated that her original painting had been straight up plagiarized. Chris Devin’s intentions seemed to have been in the right place, saying he created the Michelle Obama painting so that kids in his community had someone positive to look at. The only problem is he didn’t create it nor did he give credit to the original artist.

After tweeting and then deleting several of aplogizes and reasoning for the theft, the orignal artist, Mesfin has recently given an update on her Instagram:

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