Three months removed from the presidency, Barack Obama has made his first public speech today. He sarcastically starts his speech by asking the audience “what’s been going on while I’ve been gone?”

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Obama took the time to address young people in Chicago and encouraged them to become engaged and aware of the political climate of the country. Surprisingly, he managed to deliver his message without ever mentioning Donald Trump.

In his speech, Obama acknowledges his observation on how he believes Americans are being turned off by politics. He urges the American people to stay engaged and informed on politics in America. Obama also alluded to the tragedies in the black communities and the flaws in the justice system.

“The one thing that I’m absolutely convinced of is that, yes we confront a whole range of challenges,” said Obama, who noted issues such as climate change, lack of opportunity in some communities and needs for change in the U.S. justice system. “All those issues are serious and daunting, but they are not insoluble. What is preventing us from tackling them and making more progress really has to do with our politics and our civil life.”

Although he no longer resides in the White House, there were many that expressed how much he has been missed as the President.

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