The playoffs bring forth all kinds of post-game press conference emotions. It’s never easy for players to explain to the press why they were unable to pull through with the W. After a devastating loss to the Utah Jazz, LA Clippers star, Chris Paul was in no mood to play games with the press.

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After losing Game 5 out of a potential 7, the Clippers must win game 6 if the hope to move in the playoffs. A reporter, in an effort to gauge Paul’s confidence, asked if he thought the series would have a game 7. That was probably not the right question and certainly not the right time.

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“What?!” Paul responded, resulting in a laughing press. “What you think? I’m on the team. What you want me to say? ‘Nah, it’s over’? I mean, that’s what you want to hear? Yes. Come on, man, you been doing this long enough. Seriously, right? I don’t know. Everybody in here laughing for a reason.”

Could you blame him for being pissed? That reported got a lesson that day.

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