Just moments after to celebrating her sister’s birthday, Vanessa Raghubar was rear-ended by an off-duty, drunk police officer. The impact sent Raghubar’s vehicle crashing into a tree and light post.

Vanessa, her sister Maria Raghubar, and her sister’s boyfriend Justin Harricharran were all inside the car and immediately rushed to Jamaica Hospital. Vanessa passed the following day.

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According to Raghubar’s aunt, Esther Mongul said that Maria Raghubar has a broken arm, a shattered pelvis, and shredded bladder, and she has undergone four surgeries. She not been notified of her sister’s death.

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Officer Neville Smith was charged with charged with vehicular assault, assault, driving while intoxicated, and refusal to take a breathalyzer exam. Charges are expected to be upgraded due to the death of Vanessa Raghubar.

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Source: NY Daily News

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