Mary J. Blige keeps a private life as an R&B legend, however on May 2 at 11 p.m. on VH1 she will be premiering a new documentary of her life “The Making Of: Strength of a Woman.” While her new album Strength of a Woman comes out this week on April 28, she will be channeling her trials in tribulations in her relationship with longtime husband Kendu Issacs.  “I’m not writing an album preaching to anyone about what they should do. I’m literally trying to heal myself through writing, singing, through some kind of way, getting it out of my system. [Divorce is] not something I wanted to do but I had no choice,” Blige said in her two-minute clip of the subject.

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“For almost 20 years, she has been writing and singing music that both cuts us and helps us heal at the same time. Her realness, music, style, energy, and performance make her loved by millions.” Diddy explains in a recent statement.

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Blige’s documentary will be narrated by Diddy with cameo appearances of DJ Khaled, Jazmin Sullivan, Hit-Boy and Missy Elliot and other relevant names that contributed to the project as well.

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Source: VH1

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