Shea Moisture is like the poster child brand for women of color with very specific 4a-4c and other brands dedicated to similar hair textures. Women of Color have always centered themselves on keeping up with their blackness; supporting brands that highlight ad include us in our own conversation. So when a brand that we have been putting hard earned money to and is founded off our existence, it’s metaphorically a tug on the naps in the kitchen that they have excluded us in our own situation. Nevertheless, this week in an advertisement that Shea Moisture had created to promote all hair textures are beautiful they dropped the ball, so boom Black Twitter drags them to hell.

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Shea Moisture as well has attempted to make a comeback with their apology to the masses on the advertisement, yet it wasn’t enough for buyers to simply just take the statement made by a marketing gone wrong mistake. Exercise your voice and opinion below on the topic!

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