Students at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, have proposed a resolution that would save students upwards of $20,000 on tuition/housing costs in reparation for slavery.

The Associated Students of Madison; the university’s student body group that is also a grassroots organization tied to the local government, has cited statistics and historical reasons for their proposal, including how blacks were barred from education and their institution’s historical lack of diversity. Despite these proposals, the Chancellor Rebecca Blank of UW has not supported this idea.

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Another student group at Western Kentucky University passed a similar resolution. “We demand reparations for the systemic denial of access to high-quality educational opportunities in the form of full and free access for all black people (including undocumented, currently and formerly incarcerated people) to Western Kentucky University,” states the proposal.

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While their institutions have accepted neither of these proposals it is clear a growing understanding of the lack of reparations for slavery is underway, and educational opportunity reform is the relevant method of reparation sought by these groups of students.

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Source: The Root

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