Kendrick Lamar is a force that cannot be contained. Just a few days back we reported that he scored a number 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, but that wasn’t enough for King Kendrick.

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Kendrick Lamar’s entire 14 track album is on the Billboard Hot 100. Kendrick Lamar is now a part of a very small club being that he is the fifth act to ever have an entire album on the Billboard Hot 100 that is 14 tracks or more. According to Billboard here is where each of Kendrick’s tracks falls on the chart:

Position, title, weekly U.S. streams
No. 1 (up from No. 3) “Humble.” (67.4 million)
No. 4 (debut), “DNA.” (51 million)
No. 14 (debut), “Loyalty.,” featuring Rihanna (32.2 million)
No. 16 (debut), “Element.” (31.3 million)
No. 18 (debut), “Love.,” featuring Zacari (29.3 million)
No. 32 (debut), “Yah.” (24.5 million)
No. 33 (debut), “XXX.” (23.3 million)
No. 35 (debut), “Feel.” (22.5 million)
No. 37 (debut),” Pride.” (21.8 million)
No. 42 (debut), “Lust.” (20.2 million)
No. 50 (debut), “Fear.” (17.6 million)
No. 54 (debut), “Blood.” (17.3 million)
No. 58 (debut), “God.” (16 million)
No. 63 (debut), “Duckworth.” (14.1 million)

What more is there for Kendrick to accomplish? Every day this DAMN. album is achieving some amazing accolade. Congratulations to Kendrick Lamar, and the entire TDE team.

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Source: Billboard

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