Earlier this month a man in Sacramento, California, was viciously beaten by a police officer for allegedly jaywalking. This incident caught on video shows the victim, 24-year-old Nandi Cain, standing in the street of a residential neighborhood when a police officer, Anthony Figueroa, grabs Cain by the collar and violently forces him to the ground. On Monday, Oakland-based civil rights attorney John Burris held a press conference on behalf of the victim to announce that a federal civil rights lawsuit has been filed against the city and county of Sacramento for use of excessive force and municipal liability for an alleged racial profiling pattern.

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The lawsuit claims the police officer repeatedly punched the man while he was on top of him, exceeding over 18 punches in the head. While this is obviously an excessive use of force, the witnesses of the incident also claim that Cain wasn’t even jaywalking. The severe abuse by the police has led to a lawsuit filed against the city on behalf of Mr. Cain.

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Sadly, the abuse did not end during the first altercation when Cain was arrested. The lawsuit states “Cain was placed on a psychiatric hold at Officer Anthony Figueroa’s insistence, forcefully stripped naked, and forced to the ground, while multiple officers, including Officer Figueroa, continued to abuse and degrade Mr. Cain,” and that police officers “used their boots/knees to smash Mr. Cain’s hands and ankles into the concrete floor.”

Along with the unjust physical force used, the officers insulted Cain verbally while multiple cowardly law enforcement officials pinned him down. After Cain was released due to “insufficient grounds” for any charges, the Sacramento Police Department made a statement saying, “The actions of the involved Sacramento police officer are disturbing and [do] not appear to be reasonable based upon the circumstances…”

Nandi Cain has been characterized as a sweet and caring member of his community with no priors. This blatant case of racial profiling was traumatizing to those who witnessed it and sparked national outrage. The only actions taken by the Sacramento Police Department so far have been placing Anthony Figueroa on leave.

We will have updates as the lawsuit proceeds.

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