Very late Thursday night (Apr. 28), first-hand reports began flooding in on Instagram and Twitter from those attending FYRE Festival–an extremely high end, “luxurious” experience advertised to have musical headliners including G.O.O.D. Music and Blink 182. Prior to yesterday’s abrupt exposure, the festival was made to seem remotely legitimate by way of Instagram advertisements from Kendall Jenner and other influencers, though it wasn’t widely heard of until it’s gratuitous exposure.

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The ticket packages included plane tickets from Miami to the elusive Bahamian Island of Great Exuma, supposed luxury cabana, unlimited 5-star meals, and an overall musical experience like no other. The least-expensive ticket costing a whopping $1,200 for general admission and skyrocketed all the way to $250,000 for what one would hope to be the VIP treatment of a lifetime. The festival gained attention on Twitter when infuriated attendees were left stranded on the island with all of the musical acts on the lineup canceling their appearances, served meals fit for a prison cell, and were forcefully made to evacuate their campsites without any of their valuable belongings.


Though most of the celebrities who posted about the festival prior to last night were social media starlets and influencers, one interesting advertiser, Ja Rule, was found to be at the helm of all the problems. Of course, once twitter caught wind of Rule’s involvement with the festival–and the fact that he wasn’t even in the Bahamas for the event, but was performing in Chicago while attendees clutched their pearls–he was crowned as on of the greatest scammers to ever live.

Ja’s actual level of involvement with the festival is not confirmed, but his pinned tweet and the link in his bio were both advertisements for FYRE which indicates he was somewhat invested–though he could have been just as in the dark as the disappointed festival goers.

No word on whether these startled attendees were able to evacuate the island safely, but this only further perpetuating the perception that musical festivals–and concerts in general–are where young people go to risk their lives. The most common mishaps during festivals usually derive from dehydration, drug usage, or overall exhaustion; but being trapped on an island with no real food and no actual musical performances after paying hundreds of thousands of dollars has to take the cake.

Apparently, the US Embassy took matters into their own hands and is sending help to the island in order to get its citizens back to safety, though reports from those on the island still seem pretty grim. One of the most alarming details of the event is that every piece of correspondence seems to be done on paper: signing up for refunds, writing down passport information, and being put on a list to be taken off the island. After emptying one’s life savings into a ticket, the bare minimum would be that someone on the staff at least has a computer.

As of this morning, planes supposedly intended to bring people off the island were being de-planed and reloaded 3 times over, leaving at least most of the attendees trapped and some without their passports. This is a huge statement portraying just how gullible people can be in believing what their favorite social media accounts tell them is right, even if that means shelling out tons of money for the possibility of a dope Instagram picture. Music festivals continue to stray from actually being about the music and lean toward an overall experience to brag to your friends about, but if this experience does anything it will hopefully demand that the pendulum will begin swinging in the opposite direction.

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