Before the early release of Wale’s album SHiNE, he sat down with Rob Markman and Genius yesterday and spoke about the album, annotated some of its lyrics, and spoke on how his recent musical back and forth with J.Cole affected their friendship.

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Wale confirmed that there is no animosity between him and Cole. Cole released “False Prophets” and Wale responded with “Groundhog Day” late last year. It was a very mature and real conversation between the two, nothing we see too in what can be a very competitive rap world. Wale even says that it made him and Cole closer after that. While talking to Rob Markman he says

“The funny thing about that whole thing is that shit brought me and J. Cole way closer,” Wale explained. On a song that didn’t end up making the final cut for SHiNE, Wale addressed the situation. “I said, ‘I called my therapist, then called Cole, guess who handled it better? / You guessed it, you guessed it / My label want a verse, but I’m just thankful for friendship,'” he recalled. “And that’s, like, where I’m at right now with me and him.”

He goes on to say that right now in life he and Cole are just in “different places” in their lives.

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Source: Complex

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