Judge Raymond Myles was shot dead last month in front of his home. On April 10 he intervened in an altercation, defending a female acquaintance. Joshua Smith allegedly waited in the car while Earl Wilson allegedly made suspicious movement on the woman, snatched her bag and suddenly shot her in the leg. After hearing the gunshot, Myles rushed outside and accosted the gunman, who ended up shooting him four times, killing him instantly. Wilson reportedly had been watching the woman for weeks on end as he premeditated the robbery.

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Wilson was arrested weeks after Smith. According to ABC News, it’s been concluded that Earl Wilson allegedly shot and killed Judge Myles and has been charged with 1st-degree murder. The get-away car driver Joshua Smith has been charged with 1st-degree murder, along with being related to the ex-husband to one of the other victims within the incident.

“We believe [Wilson] is the shooter in this reprehensible attack and was assisted by Mr. Smith,” said Commander Rodney Blisset

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Source: ABC News

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