One of the highlights of the weekend was the all-inclusive music festival turned complete disaster, also known as the Fyre Festival. Rich kids from all over gathered together for what they thought would be the event of the year. However, promises of luxury villas, gourmet meals, and a star-studded performance stage quickly made a turn for the worst. Rapper Ja Rule was one of the main promoters of the event.

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Attendees were greeted in the Bahamas by feral dogs, disaster relief tents, and white bread with individually packaged cheese for dinner. It is not surprising that festival goers had to be evacuated off the island and have since demanded all of their money back, in full. Oh yeah, and Ja rule and event organizer, Billy McFarland are being sued by over 150 guests for no less than $100 million.

Fyre Festival Meltdown: Ja Rule Issues an Apology

Now that all guest have arrived home safely, the island has been placed on lockdown since McFarland “has not paid customs duty taxes on the items that he imported for the event.” (Bahamas Ministry of Tourism, “Customs). Festival organizers have promised that all attendees with be fully refunded and have free V.I.P access next year. While most people wouldn’t dream of experiencing the nightmare that was Fyre Festival all over again, some simply wouldn’t mind.

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