The idea of police blaming rap lyrics for criminal activity is not nearly a new one. Now LAPD has insisted that three criminals were inspired by a rap song to burglarize homes.

The LAPD believes that rapper YG’s music inspires people to commit crimes, home invasion specifically. Apparently, after arresting three young men, two 18 and one 19 years old, the interrogation conversation had one unique detail in common – they all said that they got the idea from YG’s song, “Meet the Flockers”.

Now we can’t lie, the lyrics are a little fishy. However, can music really be held responsible for one’s choices? Check out some of the lyrics for yourself!

First, you find a house and scope it out
Find a Chinese neighborhood, cause they don’t believe in bank accounts
Second, you find a crew and a driver, someone who ring the doorbell
And someone that ain’t scared to do what it do

So what do you think? Is YG to blame?

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