Kelly Ripa has officially been without a co-host for a little over a year after former co-host Michael Strahan made the jump to “Good Morning America.” After several guest co-host, Kelly Ripa made a huge announcement on May 1 that five-time guest co-host, Ryan Seacrest is now permanently the mid-morning show host along with Kelly Ripa, changing the name of the show to “Live With Kelly & Ryan.”

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The new co-hosts walked out hand-in-hand in front of the audience and new “Live with Kelly and Ryan” marquee.

“Today, the next chapter of the Live story is about to be written,” she announced at the top of the show. “Today, my new co-host will officially be joining me on Live and today is a very good day.” She thanked all the rotating co-hosts who appeared on the show over the last year, and the fans for their patience. “Part of what makes this show so special is through helping us out, [the guest hosts] all became family and they are a part of the Live family forever.”

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“Kelly and I have known each other for a long time and when this happened we were told to keep it a secret and we’re not great at that,” Seacrest explained before airing video of his clandestine ride to set that morning. Ripa added, “We don’t call it a secret anymore in my house, we call it a Seacrest.”

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