A mass shooting in San Diego leaves one person dead, and seven people injured.

The horrific shooting occurred this past Sunday evening at the University City apartment complex in San Diego. The gunman was identified as 49-year-old Peter Selis. The shooting took place at the pool area within the apartment complex. It was reported that a birthday was being celebrated at the pool.

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The gunman is described by at witness as looking relaxed. According to witnesses, he was sitting in a chair by the pool. One man who was at the pool for the birthday celebration told FOX 5 that his friend approached the gunman prior to the shooting and asked if he would like to join the party, and gunman declined the offer. Ten minutes after that the gunman opened fire at the group of people while remaining in his seat.

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Witnesses reported to FOX 5 that the gunman was still relaxed after he finished opening fire on the group at the pool, and remained seated drinking a beer as the police arrived on the scene. Police arrived on scene and saw the gunman appear to point his gun at them at which time the officers shot and killed the suspect.

San Diego Police Chief Shelly Zimmerman described the extent of injuries to the victims in detail at a press conference:

“There were eight victims that were transported and four of the victims were African-American females who were suffering from gunshot wounds that were taken to area hospitals, two African-American males were taken to an area hospital suffering from gunshot wounds, one Hispanic male suffering from a gunshot wound taken to an area hospital and then one African-American male fleeing the area broke his arm when he was fleeing the gunfire,”

Although there were eight victims were transported to the hospital alive one tragically died in the hospital due to injuries sustained from the gunshots. At this point in time, the motivation behind the shooting is unknown, and the idea that it may be a hate crime has not been ruled out, but again the investigation is still ongoing.

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Source: FOX 5 CBS NEWS

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