Sports fans are always going to get out of hand, yet when it effects a player to the point where they are offended it is no longer fun and games. Sully Muntari Pescara Italy’s veteran of the top league, Serie A, was not putting up with the disrespect at his club’s match against Cagliari on Sunday. Muntari points to a section on his arm screaming “This is my color!” to the game officials. The referees in no light ended up making the situation worse when Muntari alerted the officials about the crowd behavior, which led the official to book the 32-year-old over the dispute.

“They were chanting against me from the start. In the first half, I saw that there were some children in the group and so I turned to their parents and gave them my shirt, to set an example. The issue continued with another group of fans. I was reasoning with them, but the referee told me I had to let it go. That’s when I got angry. Because instead of stopping the game, he decided to punish me.”

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“The fans were wrong, but the referee had to act differently, not accuse me of causing trouble. If the officials actually stopped games, I am convinced these things wouldn’t happen anymore,” said Muntari, as previously he attempted to engage with fans but referees forced him to stop, which made Muntari even angrier involving his manager, Zdenek Zeman after the game.

“We talk so much about racism, but then we just move on,” said Zeman. “This happened to Muntari who has played in Italy for several years—we want to change the mentality. He left the field because of the chants, but we should not have to take justice into our own hands,” explained Zenman.

Below is the video, see for yourself the and comment below on and express your thoughts on bigotry.

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Source: Complex

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