Wiz Khalifa fans have a new banger and weedheads everywhere have a new anthem. Wiz has been consistent with new music all year and recently dropped a new track “Pull Up With A Zip,” a remix of “Pull Up Wit Ah Stick.” The boastful track puts the spotlight on Wiz’s lavish lifestyle complete with of cars, women, and of course, kush.

Fans have been patiently waiting since 2011 for the release of Rolling Papers 2, a promised project that was instead preceded by Khalifa. So, this new track may be a teaser for RP2.  When asked what fans should expect in the future, Wiz had this to say.

“I’m still working on it. I’m putting it out this year, hopefully before the summer’s over. We’re gonna go on tour during the summer so before the summer, I’ma put Rolling Papers 2 out,” he said. “[Khalifa] is just to hold people over. I’m promoting because I want people to go out and buy it. I want people to accept it.”

Let’s hope this means Rolling Papers 2 will indeed soon be released!

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