The Trump Administration can literally do nothing right. Donald Trump is delusional¬†(amongst a host of names), KellyAnn Conway doesn’t know how to properly sit on a coach, Ben Carson can’t take an elevator ride without getting stuck, Betsy DeVos can’t spell despite being the current Secretary of Education and Sean Spicer is well…. Sean Spicer.

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While comedic relief, when it comes to this presidency, is all around us, it is satisfying when the LOL’s come from within the camp. this time, it’s courtesy of Melania Trump. As we know, Melania has no plans of fully embracing her First Lady role. She also smiles in her husbands face and scowls when he turns his back, which is why the tweet she “liked” comes at no surprise.

Last night, Melania’s personal Twitter page liked the following tweet:

Screen Shot 2017-05-03 at 7.05.13 PM

LOL. The like has since been remove but has Melania taken her boldness to the next level? It appears so. Let’s see how the administration spins this one or if they even comment at all. Sean Spicer just might hold a press briefing and walk off without accepting questions again because you know, he’s amazing at his job*.

*alternative fact

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