Janet Jackson will be back on stage this September with her newly titled “The State of The World Tour”, as per her recent announcement video. In the video posted on Monday evening, Jackson decides to “keep it real” with her fans as she rolls through heavy issues in her life including the birth of her new child, Eissa Al Mana, and the divorce of her husband, Wissam Al Mana. Then, all in under 90 seconds, she announces she will be doing her tour “as she promised.”

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Janet describes the tour as being about “people… and just love” and that the tour “is not about politics.” Despite the name of the tour being “State of the World”, which would commonly make most people think of the embarrassment that is in the White House, she insists it is not.

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It seems as if Janet is in a great place and we look forward to her returning to the stage and hopefully releasing new music.

“Can you please be quiet Randy, nobody’s talking to you. Thank you.”

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