A 15-year-old African-American child named Jordan Edwards is the tragic victim of yet another police-involved killing.

It was reported by The Dallas Morning News that the 15-year-old was shot by an unidentified Balch Springs, Texas police officer while leaving a house party in Balch Springs, Texas. According to The Dallas Morning News, police were responding to a call about drunken teens and heard gunshots as they arrived on scene.
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The police initially claimed that Jordan and his friends were in a vehicle, drunk, and driving towards them “in an aggressive manner” and this what the officers claimed prompted the unnamed officer to fire at the vehicle with his rifle. The shot struck Edwards and he would later die in the hospital from the gunshot.

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At initial reporting of this story, The Dallas Morning News only had the details as explained by the officers on the scene, but the Balch Springs police Department reviewed the officers’ body cam footage, it has been discovered that the offices’ stories do not add up.

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Blach Springs’ police chief admitted Monday that after reviewing the body cam footage the car in question was, in fact, driving away from the officers, and the teen behind the wheel was not driving aggressively. Police Chief Jonathan Haber is quoted by The Dallas Morning News saying “It did not meet our core values,” in response to the new evidence presented by the Officer’s body cam.

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Jordan Edwards’ death has been officially ruled a homicide by the medical examiner’s office and the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department and the public integrity unit are currently investigating. Currently, the officer sits out on administrative leave with all information regarding the officer being censored from the public.

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According to Lee Merritt who is the attorney representing Edward Jordan, the teens were leaving the party because they heard the same gunshots that alarmed the officers and were not drunk as the officers originally claimed. Merritt says the teens heard someone cursing at them, and soon after three shots were sent into the car. Merritt and the family of Edwards are seeking for charges to be pressed against the anonymous officer, and that justice is served. Below is the press conference held by Merrit, Edwards’ family, and the parents of the other teens that were in the vehicle:

Jordan Edwards was a freshman at Mesquite High school. A straight-A student with a 3.5 GPA, and a star athlete.

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Source: Dallas News

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